My Greatest Conversation

Christi and Me A pastor friend of mine once told me, "You can't schedule deep conversations.  You just can't.  They happen as you spend time with your wife.  Schedule the time, and the conversations will come."

He's right.  I can't look at my wife and be like, "Alright honey, we have 30 minutes before we have to cook dinner - what's been on your heart lately?"  Trust me.  Been there.  Done that.  Epic fail.

Christi and I are going to go camping for our 10th anniversary.  We're going to leave the kids with Grandma and just go.  We're going to spend lots of time, just the two of us, and celebrate life together.

We're going to talk about life: our hopes and dreams, how we are doing so far, our kids, more kids, and our plans for the next few years.  We're going to walk.  We're going to hold hands.  I'm going to burn dinner at least once.

And we will laugh.

We've scheduled enough time together to have conversations we'll remember forever.

When all is said and done, I want life with Christi to be the greatest conversation I ever have.  It's my job to make time for it.

JournalPaul Watson