Waffle Power!

Christi (my wife) made waffles for me (and the kids) Saturday Morning. I was feeling kind of down and my favorite breakfast dessert (I'm not fooling myself!) did the trick. Of course, being who I am, I had to ask, "Why did these waffles make me feel so good?"


I do most of the cooking in the house. That's how things worked out after almost 10 years of marriage. I enjoy cooking and I enjoy figuring out new dishes. If it didn't make me fat, I'd watch Food Network all the time.

I never expect Christi to cook. When she does, it is always unexpected and a real bonus.

Something I Enjoy

I really like Belgian Waffles. Really. Lots. Christi didn't just get up and pour me a bowl of cereal or open a can of biscuits, she made something I enjoyed.

The Right Time

As I said, I was pretty down on myself this morning. I'm my worst critic and I hate it when I drop the ball. Lately, I've been pretty over-extended and I'm not managing things as well as I'd like. When Christi offered to make waffles, it was perfect timing. In fact, it gave me the physical energy (Sugar rush!) and emotional energy to give just a little more effort.

Thanks, Christi. I love you.

JournalPaul Watson