Don't Tear Everything Apart

I like to understand things - especially if they relate to faith, creativity, and community. Sometimes, in my quest to understand I go too far. I dissect something so much that it is no longer recognizable. I hold the moment, or the idea of the moment, so hard that I crush the life out of it. As a writer, I tweak an article so much it becomes mechanical.

In community, I try too hard to create a deep sense of connectedness and stress everyone out.

As a follower of Christ, I try so hard to understand God that I forget to love Him.

Here is a poem that reminds me that some moments don't have to be understood, not all articles have to be perfect, and I don't have to plumb the depths of theological tombs to experience God's love.
The Mystery
by Ralph Hodgson

He came and took me by the hand
Up to a red rose tree,
He kept His meaning to Himself
But gave a rose to me.

I did not pray Him to lay bare The mystery to me,
Enough the rose was Heaven to smell,
And His own face to see.

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JournalPaul Watson