New Blog Series: Travel Tips

I'm traveling quite a bit the next couple of months.  This week I'm in San Jose, California.  Next week, I will be in Helsinki, Finland.  Next month, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In honor of all the traveling, I decided to write a series of posts dedicated to traveling tips and stories.  

First, I'd thought I'd fill you in on my traveling 'bio.'

My family left the USA and moved overseas in 1985. I was seven. I grew up in Hong Kong (before it went back to China), Malaysia, India, and Singapore.  While living overseas, I visited China, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Japan, Greece, the U.K., and Sweden. This year I add Finland to the list.

I also travel a bit in the USA - Texas, Virgina, Washington D.C., Washington State, Arkansas, Tennesee, Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Carolina, California, and Lousianna.  Some I know better than others.  I'd like to know all of them better than I do.  

Anyway, I'm excited about this series.  I hope you like this series and that it helps you as you travel the globe.

JournalPaul Watson