Rockin' Live Online Broadcasting!

A friend and amazing photographer, Lem Malabuyo, took this photo as I managed the online broadcast and recording of a recent CityTeam training conference.  This conference was the most complicated online broadcast I've managed to date.  Two cameras broadcasting online video via ustream simultaneously - one in English, the other a live Spanish translation.  I also recorded the video on MiniDVs and the English and Spanish audio on mini MP3 recorders.  During the breaks I changed tapes, saved the audio files, managed the two separate chat rooms, and put the previous sessions' tape into a machine to rip it to hard drive.  Each day, Katie, our wonderful transcriptionist sent me the English notes for the day, which I posted with the video on the CPM Training Resources website. At end of the week-long broadcast, I posted power points, pdfs, and the English audio files to the website.  These resources are available as free downloads.  We are working to get the Spanish resources translated and uploaded to the site.

The whole job took four computers, three video cameras, two sound systems, an amazing translation team, and many, many volunteers.

Thanks, everyone, for all the hard work.

JournalPaul Watson