Whining or Thriving?


IMG_3295Jason Redman - http://www.jasonredmanww.com/about-2 - was his own worst enemy. Through a series of events, Redman had to confront the worst aspects of his personality to earn the respect of his team mates in the Navy SEAL community. Later, Redman would be severely wounded. He posted the sign pictured here on the door of his hospital room. He writes about his journey here - http://www.amazon.com/The-Trident-Forging-Reforging-Leader-ebook/dp/B00BATIMOG. Excellent book on leadership. Here is the question: Do you allow yourself to whine too much? Do you spend more time complaining than you do figuring out how you are going to survive and thrive under the circumstances?

I think about Joseph, from the Old Testament, as I write this post. What other Biblical examples of thriving or whining are out there?

Originally posted on the Urban Disciple Making Team's Facebook Page.