Parenting My Grandchildren Before They're Born



The way fatherhood is viewed in the future is in large part dependent upon the way that today’s fathers, grandfathers, and father figures handle the responsibilities of this role that has been entrusted to them.

Dungy, Tony; Nathan Whitaker (2011-02-21). Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance (Kindle Locations 704-705). Tyndale House Publishers. Kindle Edition.

I'm not only parenting my children, I am parenting my grandchildren as well.  The patterns of behavior I establish now, while my children are young, will be the pattern for how they relate to their own children.  Yes, of course, they can change.  They will make their own choices.  But, I am setting their default with my parenting today.


Am I the father for my son that I want him to be for my grandchildren?

Would I want my daughters to marry someone like me who will, in turn, be a father to my grandchildren?

What am I doing that I would want my children to imitate?

What am I doing that I would be horrified if my children imitated?

What do I need to add to the way I parent so that my grandchildren will have that in their home?  Do I need to play more games?  Do I need to laugh more?  Do I need to help them with the dishes?

Am I setting a positive example for them in the way I relate to my wife?

Sit down and write a description of the kind of home you want your grandchildren raised in.  Be as detailed as possible.  What do you need to change now to establish the foundation for that home today?

photo by Tony Alter