Answering The Wrong Question


"What's the one thing I need to know about ministry and Millennials?" The college ministry leader's eyes widened and he stumbled around for an answer.  Eventually, after swallowing a mouthful of BBQ and several clichés, the young man regained his footing. "The church is dumping tons of resources into answering a question that Millennials aren't really asking anymore."

"What's that?"  He had my pastor's attention.

"The church is still answering the question, 'What happens to me after I die?'  Millennials want to know, 'How does being a Christian make life on this earth better?'"

He's right.  We waste tons of time answering the wrong questions or manipulating people into answering questions we wish they would ask.  We have to stop.

Attention is too valuable a commodity to waste answering questions people aren't asking.

Additionally, pursuing answers to questions people are actually asking is more interesting than sharing neatly boxed answers we already have.

Every journey begins with a question; let's make sure we ask the right one.  Then, maybe, the answers we find will benefit everyone.