Boy Scouts, My Son, and 'Let there be light!'


My son is the Chaplain's Aid for his Boy Scout troop. As such, he is responsible for leading an ecumenical service when camping causes the boys to miss church or other spiritual activities. Yesterday, my wife texted: One of the dads told me he was really impressed with and inspired by John's talk this morning. On the way home I ask John what he talked about and he said, "I read Genesis 1. Well, the part up thru God creating. Then I compared it to when we were in the Ape Caves and turned all the flashlights off. Without God's light in the world you don't know where you are going.

My son is the quietest of my children and I don't always know what is going on in his heart. He doesn't feel compelled to share anything unless it happens to come up. Glimpses like this fill my heart with joy. I'm glad that no matter what path he chooses - right now he wants to be an engineer - he has a growing spiritual walk and is demonstrating depth as he serves his fellow Scouts. 

JournalPaul Watson