Not Enough


“Pray for (fill in the city)!” “Come Lord Jesus, come!”

Two responses to recent tragedies, whether natural or manmade. 

I hate both, really. 

The first is an illusion of action, for the most part. Prayer is vital, but it’s like planning. It must be followed by quick decisive action. Check in with what God wants from you in the moment, then act. 

The second just feels like giving up. If Jesus came right now, millions would spend eternity separated from Him. I don’t want that at all!  Nor am I going to sit on the couch and bemoan the fate of the world. 

Instead, we must work harder whenever we see tragedy. We must love fiercer. We must be more generous with all we are. We must freely talk about those things that give us hope even as we cry with every victim. 

We have work to do. Now, more than ever. 

JournalPaul Watson