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Paul believes the best lessons are learned through trial and error.  He likes to start new projects and businesses which allow him to learn new skills and meet new people.


Paul intentionally breaks things that aren’t broken just to see if they can be done better differently.


Although Paul love traditions, he would never allow tradition to block effectiveness.  He has been know to make people uncomfortable by asking questions which challenge why we do things the way we do.

Additional Information

Paul grew up in 5 different countries – The United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, and Singapore – and he loved it!  His parents were church planters and Paul spent his life watching and learning from them as they made disciples all over the world.  As a teenager, Paul remembers seeing his father push through incredible adversity and catalyze a modern Church Planting Movement in India, a movement that resulted in over 80,000 new indigenous churches and over 2 million baptisms!

Since the day God called Paul into full-time ministry, he has traveled over 200,000 miles training disciple-makers in the UK, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, and all over the United States.

Until August 15,2015, Paul served as director of Cityteam’s Rescue and Recovery Center in downtown Portland, OR. Feeding the homeless while helping alcoholics discover sobriety and Jesus taught him incredible lessons about putting feet to faith and loving those who don’t love themselves.

Paul ultimately left Cityteam and started Contagious Disciple Making so that he could focus on helping people in the United States and Canada – people who really don’t prefer church – fall in love with Jesus.

Paul and his family are active members at Westside Community Church in  Aloha, OR.  Paul and his wife, Christi, lead a growth group that meets in their home on Sunday evenings.  Paul is incredibly excited by his pastor’s desire to see 10,000 churches planted in the Pacific Northwest and wants to use his experiences to help his pastor and other ministry leaders plant churches among people who would not normally attend the typical church in North America.


 Paul and his father co-authored Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery, which was published by Thomas Nelson in 2014.  They also co-authored a case study for Perspectives on The World Christian Movement that was published in the fourth edition of their textbook.



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