The Right Way to Tell Me About Your Product

The day after I posted about the apps you suggested (and those I installed), I got this email:

Hi Paul,  If you like CardStar, you will love CardKing.  Our app has a built in red laser scanner that scans the barcode on most rewards cards so you do not have to enter in the numbers.  You can enter the numbers if CardKing does not know the symbology or do not have the 3Gs iPhone.  CardKing has over 1100 merchants, three times CardStars.  You can also save your VIN number as well as software licenses, Student IDs, etc. numbers that CardStar never even thought about.  And we are patented and take pride in not infringing other people's intellectual property.  Anyway, I enjoy your writing and even though you did not write about us, you perhaps will grow the market by writing about an app like CardKing.

Stay well and thanks,

Stan CardKing's developer

This email impressed me.

  1. Stan was obviously on top of his brand and the brand of his competition.  He probably had a Google Alert or a Twitter Search for terms related to apps and for terms related to his competition.
  2. He met me at my point of interest.  I showed interest in apps, specifically an app from his competitor.  He started the conversation at my point of interest.
  3. He was specific.  He informed me of features in CardKing that might interest me - including features I didn't need before, but had to have after I read his email.
  4. He was proud of his work.  It shows in the attention to his brand and within his email.  This is huge.  Who wants to install an app on their phone that is never updated.  If he is proud of his work, he is more likely to update it.
  5. He read my post.
  6. He was polite.

Anyways...I immediately downloaded his app and I'm giving it a go.  I also told my Dad and my wife about it.  In fact, I was so impressed with the email that I got Stan's permission to post it here.  Now you know about CardKing, too.

JournalPaul Watson