How Will Books Change This Year

Every morning my Pappy read the newspaper over a breakfast of bacon (or sausage), eggs, and biscuits.  This morning I read my RSS feeds, via Google Reader, while I polished off 3 biscuits and a cup of coffee.  The platforms changed.  Google Reader is to me what the newspaper was to Pappy. Platforms change all the time, which was one of the points of today's post from Seth Godin.

He pointed to the Vook multimedia production of Unleashing The Idea Virus, a book Seth wrote.  It has a web version and an iPhone app. (Which is on sale for 99 cents.) I took a look, and frankly, I think this changes everything.

Imagine a Thomas Nelson Study Bible (web based and app-based) with video commentary from people like Rick Warren and Max Lucado which sets the historical scene for the passage you are about to read.  Imagine a link after a passage to an audio (or video) sermon from Matt Chandler on that passage.

Imagine a novel with a video on the front end, shot like Blair Witch or The Office, which brings the reader further into the story, where novels also have stars who play the main character.

Imagine books for churches, non-profits, and humanitarian organizations that have video and audio links to people who applied the principles within the book and illustrated them with their own stories, from the field.

Right now my mind is exploding with the possibilities.  I work with churches and non-profits who are typically behind the curve for things like this.  If we can think at the curve on this one, we may be in a position to facilitate tremendous good.

What do you think?  Can you see applications for this in your field?

Update:  Here is a video from Vook describing Vook.

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