What RSS Feeds Do I Include in My Google Reader?

A friend of mine, @PeterGent, tweeted:

@pauldwatson I'm curious what you usually read.

Obviously, I can't cover that in 140 characters or less.  But, it's a good question, so here goes.


I divide my Google Reader into two categories.  The first category, labeled 'Headlines', are interesting blog, but don't have the time to read word-for-word every day.  Sometimes, like Mashable and The White House, they produce too many posts for me to read everything.  So, I scan the headlines quickly and stop to read the ones that catch my eye.   If I'm out of town and fall behind on my reading, this category gets the 'Mark All As Read' treatment.

When I give a new blog a test run, I add it to my 'Headline' folder.  If I find that I have to read it every time a new post comes out, then I move it to the next folder.

I have too many in this folder to take the time to list them.  If you have any suggestions of blogs I should try out, leave a comment or send me a tweet (@pauldwatson).  I always look for new blogs to read.

Must Read

That is probably pretty self-explanatory.  I slow down and take the time to read blogs in this folder word-for-word.  They are important for my work, my hobbies, or just for me personally.  I try to catch up on these if I've been out of town.

Here is the current list of blogs in this folder:

Being Peter Kim

Presentation Zen

Touch Point

Seth Godin

The Future Buzz

The Buzz Bin

Hard Knox Life

Community Spark

Techno Marketer

Michael Hyatt

Chris Brogan

Gaping Void

I just culled this list, so it is pretty small at the moment.  I remove feeds from this list if I find myself skimming them, rather than reading them.  I also remove them if I feel their content isn't relevant to me anymore.  It's not a personal thing, it is a time management thing.


I also watch the tweets, plurks, and facebooks, of people I know.  If they broadcast an article they thought was good, then I might take a look.  If I have a personal relationship with the person, I'm more likely to take a look.  If I think the person is a leader in their field, I am also more likely to take a look.

What are your 'Must Reads?'  I'd love to add them to my 'Headlines' folder and, if I find I can't get enough of them, possibly move them to my 'Must Read' folder.  How do you manage your RSS Feed Reader?

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