What Apps Should I Install on My iPhone?

On Friday, I asked my social media friends for app suggestions for my iPhone.  Wow!  I was shocked at the response!  You guys use a ton of apps! Here is what you suggested:

Words With Friends Pandora Cardstar Sleep Cycle Bump Shazam Starbucks Chipotle Urbanspoon YouVersion Bible Amazon Amazon Kindle Doodle Buddy MSNBC Weather Channel IMDb TV Guide Dictionary Google NY Times myVerses Monopoly Crush the Castle Wheel of Fortune Gorilla Cam Bento Bug Zapper Grocery Gadget Dragon Wordpress LastFM NY Times iTravel The Weather Channel Photoshop Facebook Echophone Sportscenter Bible Ping RedBox MovieFone Flixster Dictionary Wikiamo AT&T Mark The Spot myWireless Barnes & Noble

Here is what I've installed on my iPhone so far (I couldn't add them all or I'd go crazy!):

TweetDeck Facebook Google Gowalla You Version Bible Amazon Kindle WorldMate DropBox bit.ly Tools CardStar Shazam Skype pUniverse PayPal CameraOne iDisk RedLaser MealBoard

Thank you for all your great suggestions!  You guys rock!  If I missed an app that you think I just have to have, leave me a note in the comments.  I'm looking forward to testing these out over the next couple of months.

JournalPaul Watson