Rebuilding Lives and Fashioning Leaders  

Every graduation I create a video to introduce everyone to the next graduating class, to men who are still in the process of dealing with their shattered pasts and rebuilding the lives they were created to have.

God didn't create anyone to be an alcoholic or an addict.  He created us to be leaders, capable of doing incredible good.  Sometimes, like in Jay's story, the deck is stacked against us from the beginning.  And sometimes, we just make crappy decisions with the deck we've been dealt.  Regardless of how they got to 526 SE Grand Avenue, our job is to help them climb out of the hole they are in so they can start down the path they were meant to walk.  So they can become the leaders God wanted them to be in the first place.

Anyways...if you are interested in what I do...this video will give you a pretty good idea.