You Can't Quit Life...Keep Going In my opinion, Mark Webb is one of those guys who never set out to be an inspiration but became one because he dedicates himself to being better today - mentally and physically - than he was yesterday. I've never met Mark.  He doesn't know me at all.  But, Mark has been someone I've observed from the distance and whose life has challenged me to be better.

Here are some great quotes from the podcast:

You can’t quit life. You only get one shot at it so you must keep going.

You can’t stop doing the things you love in life because there is risk.

Recognize that you will have days that you don’t want to do your workout so just do a small amount and more often than not you will achieve your goal.

Aim as high as you can for a goal and then chip away with small increments.

Here is one take-a-way for me:  I know way too many people - particularly in the church - who want their lives to inspire others.  Maybe, just maybe, if we quit trying to become an inspiration and use that energy to genuinely love and care about people more and to continually challenge ourselves to become a better, more rounded, human beings, we would actually become the inspiration we wanted to be in the first place.  We place the cart before the horse so many times.  Funny thing is this...the moment we learn we actually inspired someone because of that better focus...the knowledge would come with a deep sense of humility rather than with entitled pride. the's great.

By the way, if you haven't read "Spartan Up" by Joe De Sena, the founder of the Spartan Races, it is a great book and is one of the ones I read in my pursuit of the Medici Effect in 2014.

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